"High On Your Own Supply" guides participants on a captivating journey to unlock the power of their breath. Experience the incredible benefits of deep breathing to get high on you own supply and enhance mental clarity, reduce stress, for life longevity.

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Products in series

  • Vibe Strong

    The Vibe Strong is your "special someone" you never told your friends about. He’s much smaller than t

  • Basic Tea Starter Kit

    The perfect starter gift for anyone that loves tea at home or on the go, or anyone looking to add it

  • Green Mint

    Green Mint is a soothing green tea blend with bright, sweet notes that will awaken the senses. Brew i

  • All in One Infuser

    Experience hassle-free brewing anywhere with the All in One Infuser - a versatile, durable tool for t

  • Concept Planner

    Our bestselling Concept Planner is back in bold new colors to encourage goal-oriented and idea-driven

  • Green Chamomile

    Green Chamomile is a tranquil herbal tonic with a light, fruity tone. Brew it hot, and then sit back

  • Rooibos Lavender

    Rooibos Lavender is a naturally nutty and sweet herbal infusion with an airy aroma that begs you to w