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Top Sexual Wellness Brands
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  • The Cycle Soother

    The Cycle Soother patch delivers targeted natural ingredients to help offset monthly discomfort. Say

  • pique

    pleasure oilA bedroom essential you’ll want to get to know. Our rich, broad-spectrum, CBD pleasure oi

  • whet

    plant-based sex serumSilken. Luxurious. Never sticky. Arouse your senses with natural essences and ap

  • Daily Women’s Multiherbal

    Support your daily wellbeing and overall hormonal balance with our NEW multiherbal for women’s cycle

  • PMS Elixir

    "Marea is life changing. I feel more like myself than I have in months!" Science-backed ingredients r

  • Sexual Wellness Ear Seed Kit

    By WTHN x GOOPEar seeds carry a deep legacy in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a wellness tool for ov

  • That Time of the Month PMS & Period Tea Blend

    A comforting hug for when you're premenstrual or menstruating—the That Time of the Month Tea will bec

    $12.95 $18.50
  • Mood Biotics

    A 6-strain probiotic and prebiotic blend designed to support the gut-brain connection for optimal neu

    $27.99 $39.99
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Powder Organic (Natural Detox and Probiotic)

    This organic apple cider vinegar powder is the perfect way to promote healthy weight loss and gut hea

  • Hormone Wellness Test

    Unlock the answers to better skin, nails, hair, and internal health – from bloating and disrupted dig

  • Marea Tea Diffuser

    A must have addition to your That Time of the Month Tea. The stainless steel tea diffuser doubles as

    $5.99 $7.99
  • Taste Test Sample Pack

    Don't stress over if you'll like the taste of the elixir. Try a week before committing to a month. Lo

  • the dynamic duo

    Bringing you the best of both worlds. Bundle & save with both Personal Fav Whet and Pique to keep

    $69.00 $78.00
  • whet minis

    plant-based sex serumWhet on the go! Keep Whet Minis with you for those for those unplanned (or plann

  • Deodorant Wipes: Clean Crisp Citron

    AWARD-WINNING, 2-IN-1 DEO WIPES✓ Odor-neutralizing deodorant wipes cleanse and deodorize in one speed

  • Progesterone Boost

    Regulate your monthly cycle to reduce hormone fluctuations that trigger PMS and breakouts. Formulated