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  • △H Ketone Health

    10 grams ΔG per bottle1-2 servings per bottle for general/brain health (includes weight loss).Used da

  • Mood B Complete

    Support For: Energy, Positive Mood & Mental ClarityA comprehensive blend of super absorbable meth

  • Energy and Focus Peppermint Gum and Mints 6 Pack Bundle



    Voted “Best Energy Drink” by EatThisNotThat! SUPER FUEL is a sparkling natural energy drink like no o

  • Daily Energizer

    Coming Soon!Made with adaptogens like Organic Rhodiola and Goji Berry, Daily Energizer is a natural s

  • Ceremonial Matcha

    Nekohama's Ceremonial Matcha is harvested on the island of Kyushu by our family operated farm.Natural

  • Acupressure Mat Set

    If you are craving deeper relaxation, better sleep or stress, pain and tension relief, our acupressur

  • ΔGold Ketone Espresso Shot v1.0

    5.4grams of deltaG® Ketone Ester per 2.5fl oz bottleWe have brought together the world's highest rate

    $5.00 $10.00
  • Super Troop Mushroom Blend Gummies

    DetailsChaga • Cordyceps • Lion's mane • Reishi • Turkey tail • MaitakeSix powerful, functional mushr

  • All in One Infuser

    Say goodbye to a messy brewing process and the tools that come with it. The All in One Infuser simpli

    $54.99 $66.96
  • organic colombia coffee

    nostalgic and clean. these beans were harvested from the high sierra nevada de santa marta

  • lozenges for fight power

    so many mouthfeelings™ shield + boost blendflavor: orange'nilla float (20 lozenges)vitamin C helps su

  • Basic Starter Kit

    The perfect starter gift for anyone that loves tea at home or on the go, or anyone looking to add it

    $64.97 $69.99
  • Rooibos Lavender

    Rooibos Lavender is a naturally nutty and sweet herbal infusion with an airy aroma that begs you to w

  • Rose Black

    Rose Black is a bold black tea blend with a subtle floral sweetness. Brew it hot, or prepare as a col

  • Vanilla Matcha

    Vanilla Matcha is a classic creamy duo that’s earthy yet sweet. It’s delicious as a hot or iced latte

  • Essentials Kit

    The Essentials Kit, is the perfect matcha set containing all of the tools needed to experience the pe

  • Vegan Matcha Chocolate

    Each chocolate bar is packed full of Nekohama's fresh organic matcha powder and handcrafted to perfec

  • Neuro Mints | GABA + L-theanine + Vitamin D3 | Calm and Clarity Mints

    Our best achievements always start with a steady state of mind. Neuro Mints Calm & Clarity are gl

  • Macadamia Latte

    Friends, just trust us here. This latte we just made is the first of its kind. Zero sugar, 70 calorie

  • Mocha Latte

    Pack of 12.

  • Oat Milk Latte

    Zero added sugar, silky smooth, and full of functional ingredients that'll transform your daily caffe

  • Super Cocoa

    Meet Super Cocoa, a delicious and nutritious twist on your favorite chocolate indulgence. Get the swe

    $29.99 $40.00
  • POW

    POW® is a natural pre workout that enhances your mind and muscles to help you maximize your workouts.

  • POW Sample Kit

    Kit Includes 6 Single Serving Packets:2x Tropical Punch2x Berry Melon2x Blue RaspberryFree shipping!*


    A NEW & IMPROVED effervescent blend of vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, nootropics, natural

  • SUPER POWDER Sample Kit

    Kit Includes:2x Acai Pomegranate Packets2x Orange Packets2x Pink Lemonade PacketsFree shipping!*A NEW

  • Marea Tea Diffuser

    A must have addition to your That Time of the Month Tea. The stainless steel tea diffuser doubles as

    $5.99 $7.99
  • Brew Anything Starter Kit

    The perfect starter gift for anyone wanting to brew anything! Experience not one, but three premium t

    $94.99 $99.96
  • Earl Grey

    Earl Grey is a bold and classic black tea with well-balanced hints of tangy bergamot. Brew it hot, or

  • Green Chamomile

    Green Chamomile is a tranquil herbal tonic with a light, fruity tone. Brew it hot, and then sit back

  • Green Mint

    Green Mint is a soothing green tea blend with bright, sweet notes that will awaken the senses. Brew i

  • Masala Chai

    Masala Chai is a warm, full-bodied black tea with sweet and aromatic Indian spices. It’s best brewed

  • Neuro Mints Ideal State


  • Black Coffee

    Like true friends, we think we know what's best for you. In this case, that's black coffee with our p

  • Matcha Latte

    A matcha made in heaven, canned in space and ready for you to drink, right here on planet Earth.  Hou

  • Lion's Mane Mushroom Gummies

    DetailsYour daily brain boost gummy. Boost your brain, enhance focus and increase cognition.Give your

    $45.00 $45.00
  • Super Pack Bundle

    DetailsThe trifecta to promote the healthiest version of you. Boost focus and mental clarity with lio

  • Radical Elements: Immunity + Focused Energy (Passion Fruit)


    $27.99 $40.00

    FAT BURNER: THERMOGENIC CAPSULES is a weight loss aid backed by real science. Its thermogenic propert

    $24.99 $49.99
  • △G Ketone Performance

    Our revolutionary Oxford Ketone Ester is unique in its potency, maximizing ketone levels in the blood

  • △G Tactical Ketones

    32 g Oxford Ketone Ester per bottle1-2 servings for athletic performance and recoveryTactical operati