Ceremonial Matcha

Founded by Jason Gorskie

Nekohama's Ceremonial Matcha is harvested on the island of Kyushu by our family operated farm.

  • Naturally sweet, no bitterness, with a creamy umami flavor unique to Nekohama
  • Single Origin - JAS Certified Organic (Japanese Agricultural Standards)
  • Freshest matcha powder available (learn more about our 6 month guarantee here)
  • Pesticide Free

Nekohama’s deep green color is complemented by a light floral sweetness, the absence of bitterness, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

  • Our matcha is stored in temperature controlled freezers to guarantee freshness and taste
  • We use Japanese biodegradable UV light-protected packaging to guarantee every cup of Nekohama
  • Nekohama is created to boost cognition, energy, and stress management
  • For optimal experience consume matcha daily for two weeks for full effect

Our 40g bag makes 20 servings of matcha.

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Product of Japan