18 active products
  • Indulgence Relief

    Undo when you overdo. Metabolize indulgence and support liver detox with Indulgence Relief tablets. A

  • Daily Energizer

    Coming Soon!Made with adaptogens like Organic Rhodiola and Goji Berry, Daily Energizer is a natural s

  • Body Cupping Kit

    Body cupping is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to provide support for muscle tension + body ach

  • In the Clear

    Feel like yourself again. Our non-drowsy blend is based on Bi Yan Pian, a time-tested Chinese blend f

  • Head to Toe Relief

    Make yourself comfortable with our proprietary blend of Chinese herbs for aches and pains. Provides i

  • Daily Detox

    Start with a clean slate. Daily Detox combines herbs, including Organic Milk Thistle, Dandelion + Tri

  • Crystal Ear Seed Kit

    Ear seeds carry a deep legacy in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a wellness tool used to reduce stres

  • Head To Toe Muscle Rub

    Soothe body aches and tension with a topical salve made from organic Chinese herbs that have been sho

  • Daily Women’s Multiherbal

    Support your daily wellbeing and overall hormonal balance with our NEW multiherbal for women’s cycle

  • Daily Digestion

    Extra oomph for your insides. Our Daily Digestion formula is the ultimate tonic based on a traditiona

  • Daily Calm

    Your calm in the chaos. This adaptogenic blend helps relieve stress over the long term while keeping

  • Sleep Well

    Better nights for better days. A mix of naturally sedative herbs including Organic Ashwagandha, Jujub

  • Sexual Wellness Ear Seed Kit

    By WTHN x GOOPEar seeds carry a deep legacy in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a wellness tool for ov

  • Daily Immune Support

    Double down on your defense. Daily Immune Support helps strengthen your immune system naturally. This

  • Rose Quartz Eye Mask

    Wake up your whole face. This Rose Quartz Eye Mask is a seamless way to depuff and combat fatigue. Pl

  • Daily Glow

    Daily Glow is a powerful antioxidant supplement made with ancient beauty herbs including Pearl Powder

  • Acupressure Mat Set

    If you are craving deeper relaxation, better sleep or stress, pain and tension relief, our acupressur

  • Fast Forward

    Coming Soon!Fast forward to feeling like you again. Based on the traditional Chinese formula Yin Chia