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Jack Henry Makes Men’s Skin Care Cleaner And Smarter With Organic Ingredients.
  • super face oil

    reimagined and reformulated. please welcome, super face oil 2.0 to the jack henry collecti

  • organic colombia coffee

    nostalgic and clean. these beans were harvested from the high sierra nevada de santa marta

  • hair refresh

    a refreshing sea salt spray inspired by the california coast. pacific sea salt adds thickn

  • super face cleanser

    a luxurious creamy face cleanser designed to hydrate, exfoliate, & protect your skin. 

  • balance

    find your balance. our first fragrance. this scent was intentionally designed to impact yo

  • hair powder

    formulated with only 3 ingredients, this simple + effective hair powder gives you the cont

  • face toner

    this alcohol-free face toner brightens and balances your skin. designed to help ease any i

  • nightly detox

    a night-time moisturizer that detoxifies, decongests and balances your skin while you slee

  • cleanse+ face

    a concentrated yet gentle all-in-one cleanser for face, body, + hands. made with prebiotic

  • prebiotic deodorant

     a smooth gliding functional deodorant that works with your body. powered by magnesium to

  • face blade

    introducing the face blade by jack henry. this gua sha tool instantly depuffs and tightens

  • cleanse+ shampoo

    formulated with a range of botanicals and vitamins that removes buildup and residue while

  • hair clay

    our award winning clay provides all-day hold while adding thickness, texture and volume to

  • deodorant

    meet deodorant 2.0. completely reimagined and reformulated. improved application experience — glides

  • super face cream

    meet your new, favorite moisturizer. this nutrient-rich, lightweight cream is overflowing

  • hair paste

    this light-hold hair paste doesn't just give you amazing hair texture and definition, it's

  • cleanse+ bodywash

    the new shower standard. a functional hydrating cleansing gel developed with superfood ami

  • hair foam

    introducing your new favorite hair product. hair foam is our innovative take on a traditional hair mo