4 active products
Expertly formulated functional blends combining nurturing adaptogenic plants and aromatic flavors into silky smooth lozenges. Four formulas supporting modern lifestyles: SNOOZE, MOOD, FOCUS, IMMUNITY and GLOW.
  • lozenges for sweet dreams

    so many mouthfeelings™ drift off + sweet dreams blend sleep lozengesflavor: lavender'nilla (20 lozeng

  • sweet dreams pack

    so many mouthfeelings™ drift off + destress blendflavor: lavender'nilla (40 lozenges) naturally occur

  • snooze + defend pack

    our two bestsellers to support you day and nightactive ingredients: melatonin (3mg), organic ashwagan

  • lozenges for fight power

    so many mouthfeelings™ shield + boost blendflavor: orange'nilla float (20 lozenges)vitamin C helps su