Bubblegum Pop Gellies

Bubblegum pop is our ultimate sweet pink dream - complete with cute cloud designs and the super popular Pinterest trend of the swirl. This manicure is an amazing choice if you're looking for something cute and uber trendy. This gellies set has two main designs - a translucent milky ombre gellies that transitions from a bright pink to a milky light pink with cloud designs. The other nail design is the solid milky white (with the slightest pink tinge) gellie with the bright pink swirl. Bubblegum has our new formulation - which gives you that slightly thicker semicured gel straight out of the nail salon look. Bubblegum also has a slight dome near the cuticle to make it look more like a gel manicure - not a sticker. You can jazz your manicure with our glittery or cat eye top coats if you want something with pizaz!